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Holiday Gift Guide

Clients + Employees
Here at Elephant Social, we LOVE gift giving. Seriously. ESPECIALLY gifts of gratitude. It's even a HUGE part of our FREE Social Media Challenge that starts TOMORROW (join here: HERE). So, when we ran across this AMAZING website called AFTCRA, we nearly emptied the bank account. This is an online marketplace EXCLUSIVELY for handmade goods made in America! And, I am telling you, they have a HUGE inventory. In case you don't want to spend HOURS on the site agonizing what to get your clients and/or employees, we took the liberty of compiling our top 7 (in no particular order)!
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1.Personalized Citrus Twist Folded Notecards. Everyone deserves a handwritten thank you note, and why not on personalized notecards? Thank your clients and/or employees on your own, or have them made for the person who needs a bit of a hint...
2.Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Keychain. Who has ever thought a keychain bottle opener was a BAD idea? Plus, now they can stop asking you if you brought a bottle opener to any shindig. Or you can START asking them.
3.Home State Handcrafted Necklace. Know someone who recently moved, is moving away, is homesick, or just flat-out ADORES their home? This is the piece for them. Sentimental and thoughtful without being TOO thoughtful :) 
4.Oak Valet Charging Stand. This item could solve the world's problems. REALLY. A spot to charge their phone so they will wake up to their alarm and set their glasses so they can find their keys first thing in the morning. No more late arrivals to the office! It's pretty nifty, and makes any night stand look good.
5.Concrete Coaster set with gold detail. This set of 4 coasters will keep any surface looking pretty while adding extra shine and pizazz to a room! Perfect for holiday - or anytime - entertaining!
6. Stained Oak Wine Bottle + Glass Holder. For the entertainer in all of us. Or someone who wants to look like they entertain. Pair this with a cheap bottle of wine to make it look fancy/expensive :)
7. I've Got This - embroidered handkerchief by wrenbirdarts. This is for anyone that needs that extra confidence boost or support - even when you aren't there! Perfect for all of the big - and small - moments in their life!
Now, check out the items at the links above. And don't say we didn't warn you about the hours you will spend on AFTCRA if you start browsing. No, really. That is our fair warning.
Happy Shopping!