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That One Time My Dad Was Right

by: erin 9/22/2015

Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself: I'M TURNING INTO MY MOM/DAD!?

Or how about: Man, my parents were right?!

I feel like I have the mom moment nearly every day at this point, and as scary as that may sound, it's actually REALLY calming and fills me with joy!

But, that's not the one I want to talk about today. I want to talk about when parents are right. Not because I am one. And not because this is the first time I have thought this. It's because when I realized my dad was right about ONE thing in particular (out of plenty, believe me), that is when things started to come together for me.

It was something he used to say when I was growing up. When he coached me in multiple sports, and through school. He said it would make me a better person, player, and scholar. He never told me it would follow me into adulthood...but he knew it.

It is a saying that is always hanging out at the back of my mind, creeping forward like a life coach every time I need it most. It guides EVERYTHING I do today (seriously, everything).

Are you ready for this transformative, life-changing, necessary wisdom from THE Steve Schneider?!?!

"Repetition. Repetition. Repetition."

It reminds me of the consistency I need to be successful. To be seen and heard. The practice I need to be - not just better - but the BEST at what I do and what I love. It has, unknowingly, become so ingrained in me, nearly the center of my existence.

And it came from my DAD!

Now, stop and think about it. Is there anything that a parent, teacher, or guide said to you as a youngun that has just inherently stuck with you, becoming a central life lesson you never knew you needed? Please share below!

Social Media Application: Without consistency, your strategy will never get off the ground!

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