Down to my core, I am a storyteller...

In college, I decided film was what I needed to do in my life, and have been creating short films - both fiction and documentary - since then. I love everything about creating stories as well as creating a space to tell OTHER peoples' stories.

And I believe, in my heart of hearts, that this is where the idea forChatConnect BECAME. Well, with my love of storytelling and where my mind grew post ELEVATE Retreat this past June. As soon as the idea was in my head, I was hand-picking guests and scheduling chat times.

Which leads me to today.

Many technical glitches and 1 day later than anticipated, the pilot episode of ChatConnect is LIVE on Elephant Social's BRAND NEW YouTube Channel!!

This is SUCH a big deal to me because, not only did the idea just click and I HAD to put this idea out into the world, but the guests I chose for my first season did not bat an eye and trusted this crazy idea-o-mine!

And we have a lineup of REMARKABLE guests, as well!

This season, I am speaking with several BADASS lady biz owners about life, growth, and everything in between. This is a show about connecting and building relationships. 

This isn't a show about business, but it is sure to come up, as these women are so in love with their businesses that they don't separate biz life and work life. Don't think that means they are workaholics...just that you will not only get some inside perspective on their WHOLE lives, but a nugget or two of wisdom on business, relationships, and MORE!

As you can tell, I am pretty excited.

I am even MORE excited for you to watch this week's episode with Erica Gellerman, a dear friend (online AND in person) who also HAPPENS to be abusiness consultant to the STARS in LONDON!!!

More about that will be released with the show notes later this week.

That's it. That's all I have for you right now. Just to check out ChatConnect TODAY, and subscribe at this link to get each episode delivered to your inbox as they go live!

This is a show like none before it, and I hope you will tune in!

Happy Thursday, Elephants!!

Erin P.S. Zimmerman (aka Mama Elephant)
Social Media Matchmaker - Elephant Social


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