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How to Brand Yourself like a Royal

...a KC Royal, that is!

5 days ago, a baseball team that hadn't won a World Series in 30 years, won.
3 days ago, that same team filled their downtown to the BRIM with over 800,000 fans.
After such a long dry spell, HOW did they pull off such a feat?
1. They are relatable. 
Part of the team's charm and charisma both in and out of the game comes from its likable players. You can see this in their interviews, pre and post game interactions, and even on - you guessed it - their social media pages. These are guys that you would want to have over for dinner. In my case, I want to be best friends with Salvador Perez so he can give me big bear hugs all the time! These boys in blue are personable, likable, and refreshingly genuine. Take a cue from them, and make sure you are relatable to your audience!
2. They are a team.
They gel really well together, and work their butts off making sure all of the moving parts are in play. If there is an issue - like an injury or the death of a loved one - every guy on that field works together to, not only take care of that player, but to make up for the loss. This is how you have to treat your relationship with your customers; you are a TEAM. Without them, your products and services would be pointless. Without them, there would be no innovation within your biz. Make sure to listen to the people and give them what they want. Then your team will gel nicely.
3. They are grateful.
This clubhouse knows that it takes more than one superstar to be successful. They know it takes the time, energy, and strategy of every single person in that ballpark. Do they think their front office has anything to do with their success? YES! Do they think every single person in that ballpark - including the fans - add to their success? HECK YES! Game after game, win or lose, they are out thanking their fans both in public and personally. These are the boys that buy drinks for a whole bar following a postseason game. Be grateful and humble, always. Pssst - Handwritten Thank You notes for customers are the BOMB.
Those three main aspects of the Kansas City Royals brought out double the amount of people who live in Kansas City proper. Those aspects create loyalty to both brand and team. They brought in a record-breaking number of people to the ballpark this year. And, even though these boys won the World Series this year, the fan loyalty would have continued regardless. Because that's what a Royal brand does.
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