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Elephant Social's
Valentine's Day Gift Guide!

For the Gal/Pal/Valentine(s) in your life

We teamed up with AFTCRA again for ANOTHER gift guide, and we must say: this one is the BEE'S KNEES. In case you need a refresher, AFTCRA is an online marketplace EXCLUSIVELY for handmade goods made in America! And, their selection of goodies include everything you could ever want to buy for family, friends, significant others, and even CLIENTS (which is why we keep goin' back for more)!!
So, without further ado, here is Elephant Social's Gal/Pal/Valentine's Day Gift Guide!
(clockwise from top left)
1. Felt Laptop Case with Pockets - AKA the ONLY protection that anyone needs this Valentine's Day...especially your clients. Or your Valentine, if your Valentine is a laptop (we named ours Deborah, and she is MIGHTY fine)!
2. You're My Person Coffee Mug - If we didn't already have SO many mugs stuffing our cabinets, THIS would be next in the collection! I might just go break one now to make room...
I'm back, and placing an order! :) This is an AWESOME gift that almost anyone would love! Best for dogs to purchase for their owners. Hint hint, Kali!
3. CUSTOM Hand Stamped Copper Guitar Pick - This COULD be the best client gift possible. Unless you have the client from Hell...then we wouldn't recommend it. But, it could also be for any other person you choose to keep around in your life! And, it's pretty sweet for those angelic guitar licks the receiver will automatically be able to play with it.
4. Anatomically Correct Heart Handkerchief - This one is for the doctors, nurses, and all the other PC people in your life. But, especially, it is for the one that - if you didn't have this handkerchief - you would rip your heart out and give it to. Just to get your point across. Trust us: BUY THE HANKY
5. Til Death Do Us Part - DUDES! Get this for your BROS who are getting married! Or, buy it for yourself, from the donut.
But, seriously, does it come with the donut??
6. Gold Cat Canvas Tote - Some people don't like anything. And that's when you gift them this tote. Because it's TOTES adorbz (see what we did there?). No, take a cue, and GO AWAY
Happy Valentine's Day, Elephants!
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