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Content Repurposing Tips for the Small Biz Owner

Originally Seen in The Huffington Post!

Many businesses that have traditionally served in-person (health coaching, personal training, tax services, etc.) are rapidly moving towards a primarily online presence. Doing so cuts down on many costs, such as rent, gas, and other commodities that in-person services necessitate. And, it’s no secret that - as a small business owner - a top way to stay relevant and connect with your customers is to have an online presence. In order to move forward with or without the wholly online approach without losing touch with your customers, you must become a king or queen of content. However, constantly generating new, relevant content and graphics while tailoring your posts to your reader across multiple platforms could become a full-time job - for you or a new hire - depleting your pocketbook and draining you of energy and time.

My suggestion? Take what you have created, and occasionally freshen it up.

How? Take a different perspective on the subject. Did you write the copy from your point-of-view? Now it’s time to take your customer’s point-of-view, or maybe that of someone who has never considered your product or service before. Did you make a list in your original post? Break each item in that list down into separate posts! Did you pose a question? Now create an action-item or activity! Have your audience post their pictures, videos, finished products. You can run contests, combine subjects, create new graphics, and even center the subjects around holidays and world events!

When? This depends on YOU. I wouldn’t say more than once per quarter - but that completely depends on how much of a twist you are putting on the original content, when the subject matter becomes most relevant again, and how often you are on-boarding new subscribers, clients, “likers”, etc! Once the original copy is written, it doesn’t take much to create multiple posts and schedule them out: you can even batch them all at once if you’d like! And guess what? It’s not a crime to use the same post multiple times! Just make sure you are spacing them out and remain timely by tweaking a few words and/or the graphic if necessary!

Why? I get asked this question ALL OF THE TIME. It seems rather silly to me, but maybe it’s because I am so immersed in the subject. Repurposing content will stop you from having to generate new ideas constantly. You will be able to manage your social media yourself in just a couple of hours (or less) per week, or make it so simple that you can trust handing it off to an assistant! It frees up your valuable time to get back to doing what you really want in life, whether that be spending time with family, evolving your business, name it, and you will make time for it by repurposing your content.

Own a coffee shop? Let people know the EXACT ingredients you put in your Decaffeinated Hibiscus Chai Tea, for transparency’s sake. Then, bring it back up on a Friday, but instead let them know it’s time to wind down with a non-caffeinated drink. Is it cold outside? Post the SAME graphic, but let them know it is waiting for them, freshly brewed at 165 degrees.

See what I mean? Repurpose your content with purpose, and you will no longer pull all of your hair out agonizing over what to post next!

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