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  • Taking Care of the Social Media Elephant in the Room

    so YOU can focus on what you do best...your biz!

  • Who We Are

    Or, rather, who I am.

    Erin P.S. Zimmerman

    I AM Elephant Social

    You read that right. I am a one woman show, and I am on a mission to collaborate with biz owners on their success journeys to maximize their impact in LESS time!!




    I run this ship. Sure, I offer full-service social media strategizing and matchmaking services, specializing in helping small businesses and online entrepreneurs grow through relationship-based strategy online.


    So, yes, you can call me





    Inspired by the life of my friend whose time on this earth was recently cut short, and driven by my dream to LIVE, I took my future fully into my own hands and became my own boss (or, as I like to call myself, #BAUS). Now, I wake up every morning jumping for joy, because I get to work with fabulous people who are also taking matters into their own hands.


    I am looking for change makers, dream-chasers, and innovators. Working with me will:


    · Guarantee a fresh perspective on your material, leading to content & graphics consistent with your brand & mission

    · EMPOWER you to connect online while spending LESS TIME on social media (literally, you will be spending half the time OR LESS online!)

    · Alleviate you from the stresses of constantly pushing out BRAND NEW content

    · Help you to take less desirable processes off your plate, giving you your time, energy, and sanity back!

    · Guarantee continued growth of your business and audience, giving you space to build relationships online and dream!


    So, what are you waiting for? Shoot me an email, or connect with me on Facebook TODAY!


    Ciao for now (but I hope not for long)!

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    Apply below!


    *This does not lock you in, and you do not make a payment at this time. This is to discover where you are, and if we would be a good fit for one another!

  • What We Do!

    We're on a mission to build RELATIONSHIPS with your loyal, purchasing fan base, creating a BOOM in biz!! Our services start at $97, and ALL are customizable to YOUR business and goals! Interested in finding out more?


    Fill out the application above, and we can chat to see if we are the right fit for one another!

    Social Media Power Strategy

    We will work with you...

    Are you a seasoned veteran who just wants to get a better handle on the power and growth factor of social media? Work with us to create the most POWERFUL DIY strategy possible. Even if you love everything social media, it might be time for you to connect more with your community or *gasp* get on VIDEO! Ready to get a handle on your strategy, spend less time "messing with" the logistics of it all, and stress less? Let's chat :)

    Social Media Strategy + Content Creation + Design + Growth

    ...but we also do it all!

    From strategic planning to consistent posting to analytics, we will build your social media reach, expand your networks, and strengthen your communities on several platforms. So, while you focus on your growing business & personal biz strengths, we will be #WERKin your social media platforms to grow your loyal fan base to ELEPHANT proportions!


    *We work with a very select few clients as their social media manager. Please apply above to check out availability AND compatibility!

    On the Horizon...

    What else are we working on over here?


    Right now, we have an e-guide, releasing our VERY popular Video Game-Changer Course LIVE again in September, and FREEBIES in the works! Interested in how these might help you in YOUR business? Reach out! Happy to chat!

  • THE Video Game-Changer

    If you are ready to FOCUS on getting CONFIDENT on video for social media to BOOM your biz and build CONNECTIONS, sign up for our waitlist for the next LIVE program session!

    Small, intimate, group. Lessons, practice, and personalized support from Mama Elephant!

  • Connect With Us

    Questions? Ready to work with us? We'd LOVE to hear from you!



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